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Moving a Senior Loved One: Tips For Ensuring a Successful Experience

Moving a Senior Loved One: Tips For Ensuring a Successful Experience



Seniors often make major moves in their later years. In some cases, the move is a positive and exciting one, such as with downsizing to a smaller home closer to grandkids. Other times, however, seniors are hesitant to make such a big change. In either case, your loved one depends on you to support them through the transition. Here are some helpful tips from Salt Lake City Realtor Scott Rabin to make moving a better experience for your senior loved one. 


Plan as much as possible


Planning is essential when it comes to helping a senior move. Have a project timeline for the entirety of the move, from packing to house-hunting to hiring pros, and help your loved one stick to it as closely as possible to keep the process from becoming overwhelming. Remember to be hands-on when you can, but understand that this can be an emotional process for your loved one, so they may need their space. 



Help them sort through sentimental belongings


Help sort through your senior’s belongings, being sure to keep a positive and supportive attitude about every item you handle. There will likely be more than a few sentimental pieces that are difficult to part with, even if the new home is too small to accommodate them. Listen compassionately to your senior loved one as they go through their things, and find ways to help them keep the items that are meaningful to them whenever possible.



Hire experts to make the process easier


There are a few professionals you should recruit to help your senior loved one have a successful move. A real estate agent with experience of the local market can help you sell their current home and find a new one that will allow them to age in place with ease. Professional movers can do everything from packing items to hauling belongings to arranging the new home, and they can even move excess pieces to an offsite storage unit. Hiring extra help does come with added expenses, but if it makes the move less stressful for your loved one, it’s money worth spending.



Help your loved one settle in


Once the big day has come and gone, there is still a lot to be done. Unpacking is a hassle but necessary for helping your senior loved one feel more comfortable, while adding some decoration and personality will help them feel more at home.



Helping your senior loved one move to a new home can be an emotional experience for everyone involved. Take time in the beginning to plan, and break the steps down into manageable pieces. Hiring professionals is helpful, but it’s just as important to be patient, supportive, and understanding as your senior adjusts to the changes ahead.