Uncategorized June 10, 2019

4 Simple Tips to Help You Build an Office in Your Small Home

Are you dreaming of creating a functional home office, but you’re limited by the size of your house or apartment? We have some tips that will help you address those space limitations so you can create the stylish home office you’ve always dreamed of.


Streamline Your Stuff for More Office Space

If you live in a small home, you already know that clutter can kill the positive vibes in your place. Aside from taking up valuable real estate in your small home, having too much clutter can also cause you stress, which can take away from your productivity. Before you start adding your office furniture and decor, try to downsize and declutter as much as possible. If you are limited on storage space, you may need to rent storage outside of your home. The cost of storage units in Salt Lake City can be a little steep, but some businesses offer valuable discounts and incentives for new clients. For example, you can get half off of your first two full months for many units when you rent with Security Pro Storage here in Salt Lake City.


Be Smart When Choosing or Creating Furnishings

If you’re not up for renting a storage unit, try upcycling housewares for your home office to cut down on clutter in a fun and practical way. You can upcycle a tissue box into a pencil holder or wooden crates into shelves for an eco-friendly spin on your home office decor. These projects can be a great way to add some unique style to your workspace, but you should also incorporate some additional pieces of practical furniture. A desk that you can neatly nestle into a corner is a creative way to incorporate a small workspace into your home, or you can look for wall-mounted desk models that will make it easier to free up additional space when company comes over. Many of these desks fold into the wall, but all of them are built with small spaces in mind.


Select an Area that Makes Sense Inside Your Home

You know you need to get the right furniture and declutter your office space, but before you begin all that hard work, you have to decide which space in your home to use. Since you are working with limited room, a good option may be to combine your office and bedroom. Using natural, soft colors will help keep your bedroom peaceful enough for sleep while giving you a spot to hustle during daylight hours. If you prefer to keep your home office out of sight and out of mind when you’re trying to relax, you could consider using a spare closet.


Be Willing to Take Your Home Office Space Outside

You may be able to free up some square footage in your bedroom or closet to create a dream home office. If your home is truly on the tiny side, though, you may not be able to squeeze any more functionality out of your living areas. When this is the case, it’s still possible to build a home office that will work for you. Check out these ideas for contemporary home offices, studio spaces and guest rooms created from backyard sheds. You can get handy and build your own, or you can look for prefab models that can easily be delivered and set up for you. Does your home lack indoor and outdoor space? Then you may need to look for another option, like a coworking space, to get your work done.

Fitting a functional yet stylish office into your small house or apartment takes some finesse. You can use our tips to make the most of your small home office, but also think about changing up your home. Real estate professional Scott Rabin can help you find a home that fits your lifestyle and your need for more space.