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How to rebuild your life after cancer

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3 Helpful Ways to Rebuild Your Life at Home After Cancer


Cancer treatment is an exhausting experience for those battling the disease. Regardless of the type of cancer, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and drug treatment therapy are pretty common treatments. In addition, some people undergo surgery or have bone marrow transplants, which can create additional recovery needs. Either way, cancer is a tough battle, but it’s winnable — just ask the 15.5 million cancer survivors in the United States.


Cancer is a challenging disease, one that doesn’t stop once a person has gone into remission. Recovery is a long and difficult road, but it is not hopeless or impossible. Here are a few ideas to help you or a loved one focus on rebuilding your life after cancer.


Create a Home Yoga Studio


Yoga is a great activity to ease the body back into a fitness routine. Since yoga is a practice that can be modified for anybody and any health situation, people recovering from cancer can start practicing right away. So, make a space in your home by clearing out an extra bedroom or unused room so that you can create a truly restorative place. You may need to move the items in the room to your garage or a storage unit. If you don’t have room for storage, you can also consider building a steel shed outside. More cost-effective than renting storage space, a steel shed lets you remove items that cause clutter, but also let you keep them close at hand. Wood sheds are also a popular option, and though typically more aesthetically pleasing, often require more costs for upkeep and are less durable than steel.


Begin Cooking Healthier Meals


The old saying that you are what you eat is important for people recovering from an illness. Healthy foods are foundational for rebuilding your body after both cancer and treatment. Many people are tired, experience a loss of appetite, and have a weakened immune system due to their cancer treatment. By exploring nutritious recipes, you can help rebuild your body bite by bite. It’s important to start by getting your kitchen stocked and organized. A well-organized kitchen will inspire you to cook more. Organization experts recommend keeping pots and pans low while storing items you use less frequently in the harder-to-reach cabinets. Also, designate a food prep area and be sure all the tools and utensils you need are close at hand.


Take on One Hobby at a Time


In all likelihood you have had to set some of your hobbies aside while you focused on your health. Part of healing means getting back into the parts of life you loved before cancer. Make a list of some of the hobbies you had to give up while going through treatment. Think about which ones you are able to practice now and decide how to ease back into them. One way to restart a hobby is to create a hobby space at home. For example, if you loved reading but chemotherapy strained your eyesight, consider setting up a reading nook with comfortable seating and bright natural light. Or, if you were a more hands-on hobbyist, like scrapbooking or making models, set up a corner desk in your living room with track lighting and vertical storage bins.

Rebuilding your life after cancer is about more than health and home — it’s about who you are and how you feel. You might be feeling ecstatic that you are moving through the fight, or you might feel depressed about what you’ve lost along the way. Chances are you feel a bit of both. That’s why your home should feel like your sanctuary. Make it a place devoted to accepting who you are and where you want to be going forward.